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Directory of Related Links

  • California Energy Commission
    On this site teachers will find various energy and environmental education materials and resources (lesson plans and science projects), and kids will have a great time playing educational games and reading about energy pioneers. 
  • Southern California Edison
    A nice site for both your home energy saving tips/rebates and classroom educational materials. 
  • Watt Watchers of Texas
    A great tool for educators who want to find out more about energy issues and some activities for students
  • Watt Watchers of America                                                                         
    Another great tool for teachers, as well as a source of information for the rest of us!
  • Good instructional material
    Here’s an eye opener! Find out how much your appliances are costing you!
  • Brain Pop
    A great site for students to learn about health, science and... you guessed it... energy!
  • Tufts University Climate Initiative
    A study on how much energy computers use, and what you can do to reduce it!
  • Teen Online
    This is a great site for teachers to develop lesson plans and activities for kids!