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Technology Object Codes

We have updated some object code definitions to provide IT with better visibility of district-wide technology purchases. This will lead to improved technology planning and support. Not only will IT be able to more effectively schedule deployment installation of new equipment, and dispose of old equipment, but the new code definitions will also allow for easier technology budgeting in the future.

We are also separating some of the purchases that go to object 5866 Licensing.  Since some of these are not computer related we have created object code 5850 for Other Licensing, which will be for purchases such as movie licensing, royalty fees, preschool site fees, health licenses, etc. (anything non- computer related). 

If you have any questions please contact Purchasing x5077, Accounting x5035, or Budgets x8980. 

Object Code






Short Definition

Tech Supplies

Tech Equipment

Computer Equip Capitalized

Software Licensing

Other Licensing

Dollar Value

under $500


Over $5,000




• iPads

• Chromebooks

• Refurbished Computers

• Document Cameras

• Printers

• Scanners

• Televisions

• Monitors

• Computers

• iPads

• Document Cameras

• Laptop Carts

• Projectors

• Printers

• Smartboards**

• Televisions 

• Servers

• Networking

• High End Computers

• Software Licensing

• Online subscriptions 

• Movie Licensing

• Royalty Fees

• Preschool Licensing

• Health Related Licensing

• Anything noncomputer related