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Film/Video Production Pathway

student using computer
students using tablet
student with video camera


This pathway is for aspiring video and film makers in the production of film, video, and new media projects for business and entertainment. Students experience both the creative and technical aspects of film making in conjunction with learning about historical and contemporary traditions and conventions. Students are instructed on the basic principles of story development. screenplay writing, story boarding scheduling, budget planning, visual composition, color theory, set up and operation of camera, sound and lighting equipment, and software applications for video and audio post-production using industry-standard software.  

pathway sequence
Newport Harbor
High School


Film & Video Production (F)


Film & Video Production (F)


Film & Video Production (F)*

* Articulated with a community college                     UC A-G approved course                                                                                                                F: Fine Arts

students using microphone
student holding action bar
two students looking at camera


John Hoist