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K-12 Energy Curriculum Site

In a visit to T.C. Williams High School in Alexandria, Virginia, on October 10th, Energy Secretary Samuel Bodman announced the release of DOE's new Get Smart about Energy! K-12 Energy Lessons and Activities Web site. Secretary Bodman, along with Education Secretary Margaret Spellings, visited the energy-efficient campus to discuss the importance of strengthening national math and science education and investing in the next generation of scientists, engineers, and educators.  

"By using energy efficiently, students can help us access the cheapest, most abundant, cleanest source of "new" energy: the energy that we waste everyday," Secretary Bodman said. "And equipping them with the scientific and mathematical knowledge necessary to compete in the global marketplace is vital to our Nation's economic growth and competitive edge."

The Get Smart about Energy! site is a curriculum enhancement tool for K-12 students containing 300 hands-on classroom activities. All lessons are aligned with the National Science Education Standards and focus on energy, energy efficiency, and renewable energy. Secretary Bodman discussed the importance of equipping today's students with the knowledge and resources to develop cutting-edge energy technologies in the future. See the DOE press release and DOE's Get Smart about Energy! K-12 Energy Lessons and Activities Website.