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Field Trips

Welcome back to the 22/23 School Year!

Make Sure to Order Your Buses Early!
It's a first come, first served basis.

  • All local trips MUST be ordered 30 days in ADVANCE!   Please plan ahead.
  • All trips outside of Orange County and large group trips MUST be ordered 60 days in ADVANCE! Example: Pasadena, Los Angeles, San Diego and trips with 200 students or more.
  • All overnight trips/camps MUST be ordered 6 months in ADVANCE and have Board Approval. Example: Space Camp, Astro Camp, Camp Oaks.
  • Recliner buses must be ordered at least 6 months in ADVANCE!


Rates for nmusd school sites only:

Outside vendors, please call for pricing: 714-424-5089

8:15 -1:30         $42.06 per hr. - 2 hr. minimum   $2.24 per mile

2:00 - On          $45.40 per hr. -  4 hr. minimum   $2.24 per mile

Weekends        $53.73 per hr. - 4 hr.  minimum   $2.24 per mile

Holiday            $53.73 per hr. - 4 hr. minimum   $2.24 per mile      

Anytime            $470.04 up to 4 hrs. -  $85.70 for each additional hr.

Drop/Returns   $525.00 up to 4 hrs. -  $85.70 for each additional hr.

Mountain Trips starting at $665-$845 One Way. Call for pricing. (Depending on the camp location.)

No Guarantee of Availability.  Very Strict Cancellation Policy - 4 days in advance.

Starting Prices - Prices May Vary.  Call for pricing.

Anytime Rates starting at $647.85 up to 4 hrs.

$162.16 for each additional hr. plus a 4% fuel surcharge

Mountain $1,300 One Way plus a 4% fuel surcharge

Overnight $1,300 - $1,750 plus a 4% fuel surcharge

  • Depending on location
  • Additional expenses (room and board, meals, toll fees, etc.)

Full cost of recliner buses to be paid by the school site.

Our largest bus capacity is 84 at 3 students per seat. For 6th thru 12th grade, this bus can accommodate 56 students at 2 per seat. All buses, regardless of seating capacity, incur the same district transportation fee.

key things to remember:
  • Include any special requests and equipment requirements upfront.  For example:  Wheelchair bus, storage, AC or a recliner bus.  Last minute requests might not be available.
  • Order lunches through Nutrition Services at least two weeks in advance.
  • Lunch stops must be noted on the original field trip request.  Parents must sign off on the permission slip with all locations listed.  Changes cannot be added the day of the trip!
  • Last minute time changes will not be granted.  You must return on time; these buses are scheduled for other trips or used for our home to school busing.  If you fail to come out on time, we will instruct the bus to leave.
  • All trips must have the chaperon’s contact phone number in case of an emergency.
  • Tournaments are to be entered as any other field trip would but with one change, departure times are to be entered accurately for the first game and 12:00 a.m. for every game thereafter. All TBA’s need to be called in by 7:30 a.m. on game day to ensure transportation.
  • NMUSD/Vendor school bus cancellations must be requested 48 hours in
     advance or you will be charged full price.
  • Recliner bus cancellations must occur 4 days or 96 hours in advance or you will be charged the full price.
  • If busing is arranged by a third party (for example UCI) all certifications for any bus company being used must be submitted to Transportation at the same time as the field trip request.  Certifications for district approved vendors will not need to be submitted.
  • Please avoid field trips on Wednesdays due to early outs.
  • Toll roads may be used however, it’s the customer’s responsibility for paying any applicable toll fees.
  • All trips must go through the entire approval process before taking students off campus.

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After hours, holidays and weekends, please call 714-448-2599