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Field Trips

FAQ's For Staff

How far in advance should I reserve a bus?

The longer you wait the more likely we will be sold out. Most trips are requested several months in advance. However, a minimum of 2 weeks is required.

What are the field trip rates for a NMUSD school bus?

$30.60 per hour per bus & $1.86 per mile per bus

How many buses will I need? 

Our largest bus capacity is 84 at 3 students per seat. For 6th thru 12th grade, this bus can accommodate 56 students at 2 per seat. All buses, regardless of seating capacity, incur the same district transportation fee.

Why can’t I schedule a NMUSD bus before 8:15am?

You can, however all of Newport-Mesa USD transportation’s resources are committed to home to school transportation. We have very reliable charter bus services available in the event your trip must depart prior to 8:30am.

Why does the bus need to depart on or before 1:30pm? 

NMUSD transportation is dedicated to providing quality service. It is imperative that all our routes start home to school transportation on time. We have very few buses available after 1:30pm.

Is a Charter bus more expensive?

Yes, we have service contracts with multiple carriers. Our least expensive has a 5 hour minimum charge for a school bus of $426.00 and increases for every hour after that. Coaches/Recliners are also available with these various carriers. Please call the transportation department for estimates.

What if we cancel? Will we be charged?

Yes, we have various cancellation fees.

  • Trip cancels with greater than 5 days’ notice - $0
  • Trip cancels with less than 5 days’ notice - $50.00 per bus
  • Trip cancels while in route or at site - $125.00 per bus

Cancellation fees will be taken from the site’s general fund

Are their “bad days” or “bad times of year” to book trips? 

Wednesdays…..many of our schools have “early outs” or modified schedules. This results in very limited availability in the afternoon. The last 3 months of the school year are very busy, therefore your days and times become increasingly difficult to accommodate and may require using a charter service. Please reserve early.

Can we use the toll roads?

Yes, however customers are responsible for paying any toll fees that apply.

Tournaments & TBA’s

Tournaments are to be entered as any other field trip would but with one change, departure times are to be entered accurately for the first game and 12:00AM for every game thereafter. All TBA’s need to be called in by 7:30AM on game day to ensure transportation.

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Field Trips

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