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Human Resources Forms

Evaluation Forms
CE- Individual Development Plan-Form A CE- Performance Improvement Plan-Form E
CE- Individual Development Plan-Form A1

CE & CL- Management Evaluation

CE- Pre-Observation-Form B CL-  Supervisory and Confidential 
CE- Post-Observation-Form C CL CSEA Employees - Performance Evaluation
CE- Final Evaluation-Form D                   


Interview and Hiring Forms
CE- Recommendation for Hire Reference Check Waiver Procedure
CE- Reference Check

Reference Check Waiver Form 


Leave of Absence Forms  

Request- (CL Only) Leave of Absence-Site/Department Approval

Pregnancy Disability and Baby Bonding Information Sheet

Request- Leave of Absence- HR Approval Required

Request- Catastrophic Leave Bank Request Form

Maternity Leave Form A

Report- Leave of Absence Form (Online Submission)

Maternity Leave Form B


Pro-Growth - Certificated
Professional Growth Memo Professional Growth Degree Program
Professional Growth Instructions Professional Growth Workshop Verification
Professional Growth Approval Application  Professional Growth - Certificated


Professional Growth - Classified
Professional Growth Instructions Professional Growth Degree/Certificate Approval
Professional Growth Course Approval Service in Elected or Appointed Office


Volunteer Information
Volunteer Registration - Online Submission

Volunteer Registration From - Spanish

Volunteer Registration Form - English  


Workers Compensation Information
Accident Injury Checklist Referral for Medical Services
New Hire Pamphlet Supervisor's Report of Employee
Injury and Accident Investigation Report
Physician Pre-Designation Form Workers Compensation Procedure Manual


Miscellaneous Forms
Address Change Form (Online Submission)

Resignation/Retirement Notice

CL- Bilingual Skills Questionaire Substitute Performance Report
Employee Waiver Release for Reference Inquiries CL-Transfer Request
CL- Request for Reinstatement