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K12 Curriculum & Instruction

The office of K-12 Curriculum and Instruction provides oversight and coordination of the District’s K12 Curricular Initiatives and the professional development necessary to implement the curriculum, California State Standards and their alignment to the California State Frameworks. Additional oversight includes programs such as English Language Development (ELD), Gifted and Talented Education (GATE), Music, Guidance and Secondary Summer School.

Gr. 6 Transition assessment for math

The transition from elementary school to middle school is an important juncture in students' lives. Middle school mathematics forms the critical foundation for mathematics used in high school, college, everyday life, society and the workplace.

The shifts in expectations for college and career readiness now require students to solve non-routine problems, apply mathematics in different contexts, and communicate their reasoning to a variety of audiences.

For further information on the new sixth-grade transition assessment in English and Spanish, use the link below.

Parent Letter - Gr 6 Benchmark Assessment



Secondary Math Course Pathways Update

On June 26, 2018, the Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) Board of Education directed staff to consider additional input before making a final recommendation for the District’s Middle and High School Math Course Pathways for the 2018/19 school year.

Based on the Board’s direction, a determination has been made to maintain the current middle and high school math course pathways. An Enhanced Math 7/8 course will continue to be offered to students who earned qualifying scores (80% or better) on the seventh grade Acceleration Determination Point (ADP) Exam. The ADP was administered this past semester to sixth grade students.  

Newly adopted middle school math materials will be utilized in Math 7, Math 8 and Enhanced Math 7/8 courses. Students successfully completing Enhanced Math 7/8 will be placed in Math I as eighth grade students. Traditional and enhanced High School Math I, II, and III pathways will also be maintained for the 2018/19 school year.

While NMUSD will maintain current secondary math pathways for the 2018/19 school year, the District will continue to assess and research instructional practices, instructional materials and course pathways that will better support all students meeting the expectations of the state standards for mathematics.

Parent Meeting PowerPoint


Instructional Materials: Grade 6-8 Math

In August 2017, Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) began the process of evaluating and piloting new math instructional materials for sixth through eighth grade. Through the seven month teacher-driven pilot process, teachers and staff identified Illustrative Mathematics as the comprehensive set of sixth through eighth grade math instructional materials for NMUSD students.

The Board of Education approved Illustrative Mathematics as the core instructional materials for math in Grades 6 - 8 on June 12, 2018.

Illustrative Mathematics materials are available for public review on the Open Up Resources Website.  

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