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Salute To Those Who Serve

NMUSD is proud of all of its graduates. This page is dedicated to our graduates who have made a choice to serve their country by enlisting in our nation's armed services or attending a service academy. We are grateful for their commitment, sacrifice, and service.

NMUSD CLass of 2019


Seth Loomis, Costa Mesa High School


Trenton Blanchard, Corona del Mar High School
Torsten Bodenhamer, Costa Mesa High School
Alexander Johnson, Back Bay HS
Jonathan Morales, Costa Mesa High School
Raul Mojica, Costa Mesa High School
Simon Paden, Corona del Mar High School
Oscar Sanchez, Estancia High School
Charlie Wright, Corona del Mar High School

NMUSD Class of 2018


Gavin Connor, Early College High School


Bekah Lomas, Estancia High School


Zedric Lopez, Costa Mesa High School


Bryan Aceves-Rodriquez, Corona del Mar High School
Brett Beard, Newport Harbor High School
Liliana Chavez, Early College High School
Leeley Fylling, Newport Harbor High School
Rachid Haddouch, Estancia High School
John Koskela, Costa Mesa High School
Eduardo Martin, Estancia High School
Ryah Montano, Newport Harbor High School
Ryan Pham, Newport Harbor High School

The Freedom Committee of Orange County

NMUSD is also proud of the relationship we have with the Freedom Committee of Orange County. The Mission of the Freedom Committee is to bring Living History into the classrooms. Our curriculum is richer, and our students learning experience is greater, because of the personal lessons shared by our local veterans.