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ACT, SAT and ged requests

Student Records

The Student Records Department processes, maintain's, and archive's all Pre-school, K-12, Special Education, and Adult Education records. Please use the options below to request your records.

General Education Record Requests:
Request my student records

Education Verification:
Apply for Education Verification

Special Education Record Requests: (Students and Parents)
Request Special Education Records

Special Education Legal Record Requests (Law Offices, Agencies)
Request Special Education Records

For ALL School Requests:

Request Cumulative and Health Records

Per California State Law (Ed Code 49068-49069) record requests will be fulfilled within 5 business days from date of request.

Please Note: If records have not been picked-up within 30 days, we will automatically mail them to the address we have on file.

How to request records for the DREAM Act or DACA:

If you need records related to applications for the DREAM Act or DACA, use the links below when applying:

Current Students

Former Students

The following documents are available upon request.

  • Enrollment History - (This document will show all years enrolled in the Newport-Mesa USD)
  • Official Transcript
  • Immunization Records

Important Notes, Please Read Carefully:

  • The District will only provide these documents upon a request for DREAM Act or DACA Records. If you are seeking further documentation, please request via SCRIBBLES in the Records Request Application.
  • Newport-Mesa USD will not draft letters on behalf of the District for DACA or DREAM Act purposes, the District will only provide the following Student Records listed above.
  • In person pickup of all records is currently suspended until further notice due to COVID-19 restrictions. Student records can only be mailed out at this time.

Document Request:
All requests that come into the District are processed within 5 School Days of date received. With each request, security is our #1 priority; each request must be verified via State Issued I.D., Passport, or student ID. For all students over the age of 18, the actual student must make the request for records unless the following provisions are in place.

  • The student is considered unable to function or represent themselves in their own capacities, and has a Guardian or power of attorney order in affect.
  • The student waives his/her rights of confidentiality and allows another “Family Member” to pick up the records in lieu of the student.
  • Court Order or Subpoena
  • Parents are requesting the documents for a deceased student and provide a Death Certificate

For all students under the age of 18, the Parent or Guardian of the student is the only legal individual that can request and pick up the records from the District unless the following provisions are in place:

  • Students 16 years or older, or who have completed the 10th grade, have the right to access their pupil records upon request.
  • A pupil 14 years of age or older who is a Homeless child and is an unaccompanied youth, as defined in the Federal McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, has the right to access their pupil records upon request.
  • Absent of a court order to the contrary (e.g. Conservatorship), once the student becomes an adult the student has the right to grant or deny third party access to their pupil record information.

Contact Us

Student Records Department: 

Daniel Calise
Student Records Technician

Diane Flores
Student Records Technician

Sarah Coley
Director of Student and Community Services               (714) 424-5016

Our Location:

BESST Center
2045 Meyer Place, Room 126
Costa Mesa, CA 92627
Phone: (949) 515-6737

Office Hours: 

Mon.-Fri., 7:45 am - 3:45 pm

By Appointment Only