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New Trustee Area Boundary Map and Election System

Board of Education Adopts a New Trustee Boundary Map and Change to Election System

Trustee Map G

The Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) Board of Education, which is comprised of seven elected members (known as trustees), adopted a new trustee area boundary map and election system to commence with the 2018 Board of Education elections. This does not impact school attendance boundaries. Students’ home school will remain the same.


There has been extensive population growth on the east side of the district and there was a strong need to balance the population among the seven trustee areas. The new trustee area boundary map provides a balanced population among the seven trustee areas throughout the district’s jurisdiction that includes the City of Costa Mesa and City of Newport Beach. The selected map also maintains a majority minority trustee area in area seven, which aligns to the California Voters Right Act.  


In a related topic, the Board of Education also approved a change to by-trustee area elections. Elections by-trustee area means that beginning in November 2018 trustees will be elected by only the voters living in a designated trustee area – according to the newly adopted trustee area boundary map – instead of the entire school district voting population.


Prior to the Board of Education’s approval of the map and voting change to by-trustee area elections on October 17, 2017, there were various opportunities for public input regarding these changes, including multiple public meetings and hearings that were hosted in March 2017 and fall of 2017.


As Board of Education Members, they remain focused on the needs of all students in the district regardless of the trustee area they represent. For more information please visit our Trustee Area Boundary Adjustment website.