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New Math Instructional Materials Piloting Process

NMUSD Focused on Continued Enhancement of Core Curriculum for All Students

Student Working on Math

The introduction of the California state standards in education has caused significant shifts in how mathematics is taught and learned. At Newport-Mesa Unified School District we strive to continually advance and meet the ever-changing needs of our students. In August 2017 an adoption process began for new sixth through eighth grade mathematics instructional materials.


As you may recall, a pilot process for elementary mathematics and English Language Arts (ELA)/ELD instructional materials occurred in the 2016/17 school year. The two new instructional materials were adopted and students in kindergarten through fifth grade began using new mathematics and ELA/ELD materials this school year. While sixth grade teachers were part of that piloting process, they determined that none of the sixth grade mathematics materials piloted last year met the needs of NMUSD students. Therefore they made a courageous decision to wait until this year’s adoption process, which now includes piloting mathematics instructional materials as a collective sixth through eighth grade group.


The adoption process for sixth through eighth grade mathematics instructional materials began in August 2017, with the creation of a Steering Committee, comprised of sixth through eighth grade teachers. Through their deep analysis of materials options, the Steering Committee selected the following math instructional materials to pilot:

  • Illustrative Mathematics, by Open-Up Resources
  • Agile Mind Middle School Mathematics, by Agile Mind

As next steps, sixth through eighth grade teachers who will be piloting materials in their classroom will use Illustrative Mathematics December through January. The second pilot, Agile Minds, will begin in February and conclude in April. After piloting of both programs is complete a consensus building process will occur with an expected recommendation going to the Board of Education by the end of the 2017/18 school year.