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High Heat Procedures

When needed, Newport Mesa Unified School District schools implement certain procedures to minimize the discomfort and increase safety for students both inside and outside of classrooms.

Even in hot weather, schools are the best place for students in order to continue the learning process and maintain supervision of children in our community.

Depending on whether a school or classroom has air conditioning and the levels of temperature and humidity, all or some of the following procedures may be used:

Limit, minimize, postpone or cancel physical activity

Physical activity during class, recess or physical education should be limited or minimized and replaced with less-physical or quiet activities. Extra-curricular activities (such as athletic practices/contests) may be postponed or cancelled.

Modification of instructional programs, subjects and activities

Teachers and/or school sites may rearrange subject matter, instructional programs or activities to the most optimal time of the day.

Alternative locations for instruction

Schools should take advantage of cooler areas on campus that are available. Plan large group activities or combine classrooms and relocate to cooler areas of the campus. Physical education classes should use indoor locations (if available) or shaded areas out of direct sunlight. Each school site has identified alternative locations on campus and coordinates their use within a site-specific plan.

Keep Cool and Hydrated

Teachers and schools should encourage and remind students to stay hydrated by having drinking water available, taking extra water breaks and allowing students to bring water bottles to campus. It is acceptable for students to spray water on themselves to keep cool throughout the day.  Wearing lightweight clothing (within the school’s dress code) should also be encouraged.

Keep Classrooms Cool

Turn off unnecessary lights or appliances that generate heat. Open windows in the morning to cool the room prior to the mid-day heat. If possible, open windows and doors to create cross ventilation. Temporary electric fans are also available and may be requested with the site principal.

Early Release

An early release for students may be implemented when the forecasted temperature reaches 95 degrees or higher with a heat index of 103 or higher*.  

*Based on forecast by the National Weather Service