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Community Spotlight: Girls Inc.

Girls Inc. of Orange County is a non-profit that has served our school community for more than 60 years. Their mission is to “inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.”

At the elementary level Girls Inc. focuses on early literacy. At the secondary level the focus is on college and career readiness. For all girls there is an emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs.

In the Early Literacy Program, Girls Inc. supports girls in kindergarten through third grade to read at grade level. Staff and volunteers help students build confidence using specific literacy skill building activities. The one on one individualized support puts the focus on the student to boost their self-confidence. Girls Inc. also hosts family literacy nights for parents to learn about the importance of literacy and reading to their children. Free books are given to students at these events to help build their at-home libraries.

“We have seen girls come into the program super shy about reading and by the end of the program they are raising their hand to read aloud to the group,” says Girls Inc. Chief Executive Officer, Lucy Santana.

At the secondary level the focus is on college and career readiness, with a specific focus on STEM. Girls Inc. assists the girls with researching colleges and scholarships, and offers them a deeper level of assistance for college or career planning. Girls Inc. brings in guest speakers to share their career journey - what it took them to get there, and the lessons that they have learned along the way. Additionally, Girls Inc. fosters skills to help girls become independent with lessons on financial literacy, health education, and life skills development.

For more information on Girls Inc. or to learn about becoming a volunteer please visit the Girls Inc. website.