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Signature Academies

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Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) offers a variety of Signature Academies, at each of our four comprehensive high schools, to prepare students for global competitiveness. Students enrolled in a Signature Academy receive unique curriculum options that complement our core academic programs. The programs are available to incoming ninth grade students that reside within the district boundaries, regardless of their school zone of residence.

We also offer specialty elementary programs, such as the Modern Scholars Academy at Adams Elementary, Mandarin Immersion Program at College Park Elementary, and Spanish Immersion Program at Whittier Elementary.

Below is a brief overview of each Signature Academy:

Newport Harbor High School offers students the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma Program, which is based on international standards that offer college-level courses in English, math, science, history, and an elective to develop a greater sense of international-mindfulness. Elective choices in this program include a third language, college-level art class, or an IB business and management class. Students also take theory of knowledge, which is an interdisciplinary college-level seminar, in addition to two extra-curricular projects which include a research paper, and community service. Additional options are being developed including IB computer science and IB astronomy. The IB program allows participants to appreciate other cultures and points of view, see the connections between academic disciplines, and serve the community. Students in the program are encouraged to think independently, drive their own learning, and engage with people in an increasingly globalized and rapidly changing world.

Estancia High School offers students the option of four Signature Academies.

In the Engineering and Design Academy, which is centered on Project Lead The Way, students are provided a comprehensive approach to science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) programs.

The Estancia Medical Academy offers students diverse career opportunities within the medical industry. Courses and activities include medical terminology, emergency medical responder, sports medicine, fire department ride-along, and trauma shadowing opportunities.

In the Construction Technology Academy students obtain practical hands on learning experiences to prepare them for college, technical school, and/or apprenticeships in the industry. Courses in this program teach basic safety, material handling and construction related projects.

The Digital Media Arts Academy combines arts and technology. Courses include multimedia communications, computer graphics, advanced computer graphics, and entrepreneurship, where students learn the fundamentals of opening and running a small business.

Costa Mesa High School offers two Signature Academies.

The Delta Academy offers tailored curriculum for students interested in pursuing careers in the fields of science, math, and engineering. The Delta program enables students to explore Career Technical Education by heightening real life experiences, offering early exposure to top universities, using the most purposeful curriculum, following the latest trends, and advanced technologies.

The Academy of Creative Expression is an arts based program that infuses the arts into social science, math, science, language arts, and world language. Through an identified pathway and project based learning, each course involves special projects, a focus of study, and performances with a focus in visual and performing arts.

Corona del Mar High School offers two academies to prepare students for global competitiveness.

The Performing Arts and Multimedia Academy includes a variety of courses in theater, choral, orchestra, drama, dance, and visual arts. Students also develop connections with professionals already in the field to help mentor them.

The Academy of Global Studies offers a full spectrum of courses designed to foster critical thinking skills, collaboration, and problem solving. Students participate in a rigorous curriculum within the social studies and world language departments that empower them to be globally competitive. Curriculum-based projects and activities help develop skills and tools to foster international relationships with schools in Brazil and Japan. Some students in this program are already positively impacting the world by raising more than $57,000 to commission the construction of four water wells in underserved communities

To learn more about our Signature Academies and specialty elementary school programs please visit the Signature Academies Webpage.