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Cohesive Math Experience

Teachers in Training

One of our district priorities is to provide a challenging curriculum aligned to the California State Standards. This school year, we adopted new math instructional materials for kindergarten through 5th grade. We also are in the process of piloting math materials for 6th through 8th grade, and next year we anticipate piloting 9th through 12th grade math materials. Upon completion of the adoptions processes, our district will have the materials for a cohesive math experience across all grade levels, designed to better prepare students for future success in college and career.

Recognizing the significant instructional shifts that the state standards and frameworks for math demand from math teachers our district has been providing support for teachers. Our district has supported nine K-5 teachers as Math Leads. These leads work monthly with the Orange County Department of Education (OCDE) math coordinators to deepen their understanding of math content while preparing a grade-level specific professional development opportunity for NMUSD teachers for each upcoming math unit.   Math teacher leads utilize their deeper understanding of math concepts and ideas and then host a monthly two hour Moonlight Series to support teachers in preparation for upcoming units.

As part of the momentum that’s building with elementary math instruction, schools began incorporating parent education sessions. Each school site has flexibility as to how they engage, educate, and provide parents with resources to support their child’s learning. Some schools have hosted “bring your parent to math class day” or “muffins and math day,” for parents to see firsthand what math looks like in the classroom. Schools also have or will host formal parent meetings and presentations to provide a greater understanding of the state standards and how students are learning math concepts.

For more information about the math curriculum please visit our curriculum and instruction webpage.