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Garden Areas


  1. All proposed garden areas for all sites must be completed through a site modification form and be approved by the Operations Department prior to start of construction.  (See Site Modification Section)
  2. Grounds maintenance staff will not be responsible for maintaining garden areas, preparing garden areas or cleaning up garden areas.  
  3. Garden planter boxes and other fixtures shall be maintained in good condition and shall be the responsibility of the site.     
  4. Garden planter boxes shall not be made up of pressure treated woods.  Pressure treated woods are filled with chemicals.         
  5. Gardens not maintained over summer recess or not in use shall be cleared of all vegetation.            
  6. Utility boxes shall not be covered by planter boxes and a 36 inch clearance is required from garden fixtures.    
  7. Domestic water alterations will not be made to accommodate garden areas.       
  8. Irrigation hook-up costs must be included with the original site modification or be written on a new site modification afterwards.   
  9. Hoses may not be hooked to a fixed sprinkler system nor be extended across the walkway presenting a tripping hazard.  
  10. Garden sprinkler systems may not be hooked to the schools automated system.   
  11. Use of garden chemicals shall conform to the guidelines of the Healthy Schools Act of 2000.            
  12. Damage to garden fixtures caused by maintenance of school utilities shall not be the responsibility of the Maintenance Operations Department.       
  13. Garden areas not maintained or abandoned will be removed.