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Equity Advisory Committee Members

Equity Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Equity Advisory Committee shall be to report to the Board of Education and the community as to the appropriateness and equity of the projects proposed for each series of Measure F Bonds that are depicted in the District’s Annual Measure F Project Proposal, presented by the Superintendent. The report shall take the form of a written recommendation (“Equity Report”) presented to the Board of Education at a regularly scheduled public meeting. The Equity Advisory Committee shall report at least annually and the Equity Report shall occur prior to the issuance of each series of Measure F Bonds. The Equity Report shall address the following three questions:

(i)    Whether in the opinion of the Equity Advisory Committee based upon information from reputable and knowledgeable sources the issuance of the proposed bonds can be accomplished within the tax rate cap established by Measure F.

(ii)   Whether in the opinion of the Equity Advisory Committee the projects to be financed by the issuance of the proposed bonds, given Measure F projects financed to date and projects remaining to be implemented in the Measure F program, represent equity within the four high school zones.

(iii)   Whether, based on information presented to the Equity Advisory Committee, the District is meeting its commitment to fund ongoing maintenance of its facilities at the level of 4% of its annual General Fund expenditures as covenanted with the community in Measure A.

Resolution for the Equity Advisory Committee


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