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Health Benefits for Retirees

NMUSD Transition to discovery benefits from wageworks

During this transition phase:

  • Hold your August payment until you receive your packet from Discovery Benefits.
  • Currently the estimated time that you will receive the packet is Mid September.
  • This does not affect your plan coverage in anyway.
  • Your current plans continue without any break in coverage. WageWorks and Discovery Benefits are billing administrators only.
  • Grace periods have been extended for this transition. You will not be cancelled. Your current plans continue without any break in coverage.
  • If you had a credit balance with WageWorks, WageWorks is in the process of refunding your credit balance. Currently we do not have an estimate on when the refund process will be completed.

         At this time Discovery Benefits does not have your information and cannot process your payments. Please            continue you hold your August payment.

We realize and apologize that this may be stressful and inconvenient, please be assured that NMUSD and our new partner Discovery Benefits are doing everything in our power to make the move as seamless as possible.

If you have any questions please contact us at

We appreciate your patience and understanding through this transition period.

Thank you,

Benefits Management

2020 open enrollment

  1. If you belong to NMFT or CSEA, review your Bargaining Unit Contract.   If you belong to NMAA, NMAA Confidential, or Supervisors, review pertinent eligibility under the rules and regulation section regarding retiree health benefits.

  2. Review the Benefits Management Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Retirement Health Benefits. Use this as your check off list of things to do. Check the resources tab on this page.

  3. If retiring over age 65, review other health benefit options. Check the resources tab on this page.

  4. View  rates charts for Under 65  and Over 65 plans.  Also note: rates and plans are subject to change each Open Enrollment. Rates for the following year will not be posted until the month of August after negotiations and contract approval.

  5. Retiring at the end of the school year
    If you are in paid status on the last day of the school year, your benefits will continue through September 30 of that same year. Benefits Management will send a health benefit retirement letter to you during the summer. The letter will explain how to continue your benefits and will include the rate chart showing your monthly premiums beginning October.

Retiring during the school year
Benefits Management will send a health benefit retirement letter to you during your retirement month. The letter will explain how to continue your benefits and how to pay any premiums due once you retire.

Open Enrollment
The Retiree Health Benefit Open Enrollment Event will be held in August. Your Open Enrollment packet will be mailed to your home prior to the event.

Retirement Income Benefit
Contact STRS or PERS directly for information on your retirement income benefits.

Calpers Website Phone: 888 CalPERS (or 888-225-7377)

Calstrs Website Phone: 800-228-5453 (or 916-414-1099)

Pre - Open Enrollment Contacts







WageWorks (formerly CONEXIS) - Retiree Direct Bill Contact

Member Services (877) 864-9546

WageWorks Website 

Send Premiums to:

PO Box 660212

Dallas, TX 75266-0212