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Transition Services: Agency Resources

Transition Resources Easy Reference Guide  Lists a variety of local support agencies.

Orange County Community Resource Guide 

Orange County Strong Families 2-1-1
By dialing 2-1-1, you reach a free, 24-hour information and referral helpline linking you to thousands of local health and human service programs in Orange County, CA. Staffed 24 hours per day by caring, experienced and trained specialists, and available anytime through our online resource database, 2-1-1 Orange County can help you connect with resources.

Brochure for Area Board XI: California State Council on Developmental Disabilities 

Department of Rehabilitation Information

Department of Rehabilitation  FAQ 
Department of Rehabilitation website

How to apply for services
Department of Rehabilitation Online Application
Department of Rehabilitation Consumer Handbook

Dayle McIntosh Center  is a consumer-driven organization serving all disabilities. Their mission is to advance empowerment and inclusion of all persons with disabilities. Two offices service over 500,000 people in Orange County and surrounding areas with disabilities.

OC One Stop Center is designed to meet the needs of the employer and job seeker.  These Centers are intended to provide a more coordinated, customer-friendly, locally driven workforce development system.  Most of the services and resources are free due to federal funding; however, some services could be offered on a fee basis.

Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC)
RCOC Brochure 

RCOC FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
Regional Center of Orange County (RCOC) - Description of Services
RCOC Comfort Connections - Family Resource Center 

Adult Program Visitation Guide  - This document is from the resource listed above and is a list of suggested questions that a Regional Center of Orange County consumer and/or parents might ask adult service providers when visiting adult day programs.

Adult Agency Chart  List of programs with contact information and types of services offered.

Orange County Programs for Adults with Developmental Disabilities: Transition Planning Resource Directory 2016-2017
The purpose of this directory is to acquaint students, consumers, parents, instructional staff, and service providers with post-school training options for adults with developmental disabilities.

State Council on Developmental Disabilities The State Council on Developmental Disabilities (SCDD) is established by state and federal law as an independent state agency to ensure that people with developmental disabilities and their families receive the services and supports they need. Consumers know best what supports and services they need to live independently and to actively participate in their communities. Through advocacy, capacity building and systemic change, SCDD works to achieve a consumer and family-based system of individualized services, supports, and other assistance. 

Local Office
2000 E 4th St Ste 115, Santa Ana, CA 92705
Phone: (714) 558-4404

SOY (Save Our Youth) is a violence prevention center serving at-risk youth in Costa Mesa. SOY's Academic and Scholarship program assists SOY members, grades 7th-12th, with homework.

ICI Institute for Community Inclusion 
ICI strives to create a world where all people with disabilities are welcome and fully included in valued roles wherever they go, whether a school, workplace, volunteer group, home, or any other part of the community.

Best Buddies is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of people with intellectual disabilities by providing opportunities for one-to-one friendships and integrated employment.

Braille Institute    The Braille Institute provides education and counseling services for people of all ages who are blind or visually impaired. The Institute also has a talking book library, Braille and recording services, and low vision consultants.

Disability Benefits 101 
(DB101) helps workers, job seekers, and service providers understand the connections between work and benefits. DB101 brings together rules for health coverage, benefit, and employment programs that people with disabilities use. The site has benefits planning calculators to use with all kinds of benefits planning strategies. DB101 calculators help with transitions to and from working while having a disability. Experts at DB101 will also respond to your questions on benefits.

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