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Social Security Resources

Social Security Information

Disability 101 gives you tools and information on health coverage, benefits, and employment. You can plan ahead and learn how work and benefits go together.

Transition Services has a new FAQ sheet  to help teachers and parents with questions regarding Social Security.  It has many of the common question and answers teachers and parents have asked regarding social security and their students.

Social Security FAQ

Project Independence WIPA- Work Incentive Planning and Assistance- One on one assistance for client and family to learn more about benefits, work incentives and becoming financially independent.  Find out how WIPA services can assist you in reaching your dream job.  Project Independence flyer.

Social Security Administration

Fact sheet for Redetermination at age 18

Redetermination at age 18

Social Security Disability Benefits and  Work Incentives for Teachers and Parents (Council for Exceptional Children article)

SSI and Self-Sufficiency Information Kit for Teachers, Parents, and Counselors

SSA Starter Kit for Adults 
SSA Starter Kit for Children

PASS Plan for Achieving Self Support 
This Plan for Achieving Self-Support, or PASS for short. The PASS allows you to set aside income or resources to put towards a work goal. For example, you could set aside money for education, vocational training, or starting a business. You could also use a PASS to pay for other work related items, such as, a personal attendant, a job coach, an electric wheelchair, a computer or other assistive technology, occupational therapy, transportation expense, or even a custom van. The PASS allows you to earn more money to put towards a work goal, without reducing your SSI benefits.

Achieving a Better Life Experience for People With Disabilities (CalABLE)

CalABLE is a new program that allows people with disabilities to establish a tax-advantaged savings account and save up to $14,000 per year and up to $100,000 in total without losing vital public benefits, such as supplemental security income. Earnings in these accounts are not subject to federal income tax or California state income tax, so long as the earnings are spent on qualified expenses. CalABLE began operations July 1, 2016 and is anticipated to open for business in 2017. 

CalAble Fact Sheet

CalAble Website

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