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Transition Partnership Program

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TRansition Partnership Program mission

The Transition Partnership Program (TPP) is collaborative program with the California Department of Rehabilitation (DOR) that provides enhanced, coordinated vocational services including DOR Student Services and employment preparation, job development, and short-term support services to successfully transition students with disabilities into meaningful employment.

  • Must be enrolled with the Newport-Mesa Unified School District
  • Must be between ages 16 through 21
  • Must have an identified disability
  • Must be authorized to receive students services by DOR 

DOR student services are a coordinated set of services available for students that support the achievement of Competitive Integrated Employment. DOR student services may be delivered in a classroom, community, or individual setting. 

NMUSD TPP staff will provide DOR student services that may include one or more of the following student service activities:

  • Job Exploration Counseling
  • Workplace Readiness Training
  • Work-based Learning Experiences - based on student readiness and approval from DOR 
  • Instruction in Self-advocacy

Students will be exited from the program upon successful completing of their agreed upon student services or exit from secondary education. 

Jake Barkero,                                                Program Specialist                                                              425 E 18th Street,                                            Costa Mesa, CA 92527

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Sondra Dufresne

                                                                  Harper Center                                                            (949) 515-5359                                                 Newport Harbor High School                  (949) 515-6358

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Sheri Lindgren

                                                        Costa Mesa High School                                           Back Bay High School                      (714) 424-8782

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May Vanek

                                                              Estancia High School                                                     (949) 515-6533

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             Judith Quezada

                                                                              STEP                                                                    (949) 515- 6884                                            Corona Del Mar High School                (949) 515-6098