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How to answer interview questions  Click to go to Snagajob Website.

Social Skills Toolbox 
This site offers great tools for helping teem improve communication skills and social behavior. Tools and graphic organizers are downloadable.

Living and Working with Disabilities: Tax Benefits and Credits 

Looking for a Job: Do's and Don'ts

Disability Disclosure
The 411 on Disability Disclosure: A Workbook for Youth with Disabilities
This workbook helps youth to learn about disability disclosure and what it means for them. The ultimate goal is for youth to make an informed choice about disclosing your disability. Remember, this decision may change based on the particular person, situation or setting, and need for accommodations.  The workbook introduces numerous examples of other young people struggling with the question of “to disclose” or “not to disclose.”

Cyber Disclosure for Youth with Disabilities
This document is a supplement to The 411 on Disability Disclosure for Youth with Disabilities. Search sites such as Google, social networking site like Facebook, and microblogging sites like Twitter have added a new element to disclosure. Now it is possible to disclose your disability on the internet without even being aware of it. The goal of this document is to provide you with suggestions about how to make an informed decision about your own disability disclosure and to manage your disclosure on line.

The 411 on Disability Disclosure: A Workbook for Families, Educators, Youth Service Professionals, and Adults Who Care About Youth with Disabilities
This adult-focused workbook is a companion publication to The 411 on Disability Disclosure: A Workbook for Youth with Disabilities. It is written for adults who support youth with disabilities and introduces numerous examples of young people struggling with the question of "to disclose" or "not to disclose." This workbook offers information and practice opportunities you can use to learn how to support youth in disclosing more effectively.

Orange County One-Stop Center Linking Business and People
The Orange County One-Stop Centers are part of the Orange County One-Stop System and are funded by the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). One Stop services are free. The Orange County One-Stop Centers are designed to meet the needs of the employer and job seeker. These Centers provide a more coordinated, customer-friendly, locally driven workforce development system.

Job Related Self-Advocacy Questionnaire 

Work Behavior Checklist

A to Z Etiquette Guide

A Student's Guide to Jobs This is a NICHCY publication for students with significant disabilities.

Helping Students Find and Keep Their Jobs  is a  Technical Assistance Guide written for those involved in helping students with cognitive disabilities such as mental retardation or autism find and keep a job. This includes parents, family members, teachers, transition specialists, job development specialists, employers, and others. This guide talks about the processes involved in finding and keeping employment; it is not intended as a guide to the laws and policies associated with transition planning. The guide comes with a script to a Student's Guide to Jobs 

50 Worst of the Worst Job Interview Mistakes 

Getting Hired is a website where people with disabilities gather, network, and find success in the workplace with enlightened employers. There is an Interview Training Video on this website. Click on this link:  Video InterviewTraining

Disability Disclosure and Interviewing Techniques

Essential Skills to Getting a Job discusses work ethic, communication, and problem solving skills...the soft skills to give you a competitive edge in the job market

Youth Employment Services (Y.E.S)

Real People, Real Jobs: Stories from the Frontline 
This site highlights the employment successes of people with Intellectual Disabilities/Developmental Disabilities (ID/DD) who are working in paid jobs in their communities. 

Work Experience - How to Gain Work Experience

Youth at Work The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission's website for Youth provides detailed information in English and Spanish about youths' responsibilities and rights in the workforce.


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Job Search Websites


Résumés are the key to landing an interview, which is the key to landing a job. For that reason, you want to make sure you know everything about crafting and perfecting your résumé, from its purpose to the content to sending it to an employer.

Résumé Readiness Quiz
Résumé Readiness Scoring Guide

What résumé is right for you? Check out the Job Central Website to find out...

Résumé Templates from Job Star Central website
Chronological Résumé is organized by job titles with the most recent position listed first.  Employers tend to prefer the chronological resume because the format lists prior positions beginning with the most current. Employers perceive this resume style as fact-based and easily skimmed. Chronological Résumé Template and Samples

Functional Résumé rearranges employment history into sections that highlight areas of skill and accomplishment. The functional resume gives you latitude to make sense of your work history and match up skills and accomplishments that might not be obvious to the employer in a traditional chronological format.  Functional Résumé Template and Samples

Six Words to Skip on your Résumé

My Fact Sheet you can use this document to list your personal information, education,  employment history and references, and use it when completing job applications.