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Newport-Mesa Cloud Campus

School Overview
  • Rigorous, high-quality instruction aligned to California State Standards and use of district-adopted curriculum
  • Research-based schedule that balances appropriate ratios of live and independent instruction
    • Live: Video conferencing, chat, streaming video
    • Independent instruction: Email, screencasts
  • Lessons and activities specifically designed for virtual learning
  • Classes taught by N-MUSD teachers, experienced in the technologies used in virtual learning
  • Deep commitment to teaching, learning, adaptability, and supporting the online experience for students
  • Chromebooks provided to all students, if needed
  • Limited Advanced Placement (AP) courses will be offered based on student enrollment and interest. International Baccalaureate (IB) courses will not be offered.
  • We are looking at options to allow students to remain eligible to participate in athletics.
  • Principal/staff will promote a sense of “community” but no in-person events will be planned at this time
  • Students will have the ability to return to their previous school in the 2021-2022 school year

2020-2021 Course Offering List

Name: Grade/Subject: Email:
Michelle Alarid 2nd Grade
Ashlee Andino 5th Grade
Alexandra Antonopoulos 5th Grade
Jamie Arrow Middle School Language Arts
Lauren Ay-Ad 1st Grade
Ann Marie Baker 1st Grade
Eleftheria Ballas High School Math
Sara Bartel 3rd Grade
Amy Bogdan 4th Grade
Kristin Botta 4th Grade
Frankie Bracci Kindergarten
Kevin Brown High School Social Sciences
Kathryn Bugg Kindergarten
Irish Burns 4th Grade
Janelle Carroll 1st Grade
Aaron Cook 6th Grade
Dayle Davis Middle School Science
Carrie Fairfax 3rd Grade
Glen Fisher High School Social Sciences
Stephanie Fox 3rd Grade
Melissa Gramata 4th Grade
Dora Gutierrez High School Special Education
Isander Gutierrez 5th Grade
Natalie Hall 2nd Grade
Rachal Hasson High School Math
Kris Hoffman 6th Grade
Katie Holtz Middle School Math
Chelsea Hoxie Middle School Special Education
Jennifer Hutchinson Counselor
Michele Jacobs 3rd Grade
Steve Kaczynski Middle School PE
Scott Kahawai High School Social Sciences
Bailey Kray 2nd Grade
Sarah Kraus 3rd Grade
Heather Kroeger High School Science

Jenny Kuo High School Science

Stephanie Laquin 6th Grade
Monica Mathers 5th Grade
Melissa Mathieson Middle School Language Arts
Timothy McFadden HS/MS Electives, Music
Hannah Morzella 4th Grade
Kathryn Navas Middle School Science
David Nguyen Kindergarten
Sara Nourse 1st Grade
Michael Ofer HS/MS PE and Health
Savannah Onal 1st Grade
Jon Pardoen Middle School Special Education
Stephanie Parole 2nd Grade
Brittany Pearson High School Special Education
Rebecca Peterson 2nd Grade
Kira Quesnell High School English
Julie Rahmatulla Secondary Assistant Principal
Martha Rankin 5th Grade
Gretchen Reynoso HS/MS World Language
Kathleen Ruggles 4th Grade
Genny Ruiz 2nd Grade
Teri Lyn Schad Elementary Assistant Principal
Mary Schiesser Kindergarten
Vicky Schwarz HS/MS Electives, Art
Dr. Michael Sciacca Principal
Jeremy Searcy 4th Grade
Paul Serio High School Science
James Sigafoos High School English
Cheryl Sikes 2nd Grade
Cecilia Silva HS/MS World Language
Jamie Slobodnik High School Special Education
Valerie Smith HIgh School Math
Shannon Spining TK/Kindergarten
Ashley Stepp Middle School Social Science
Kimberly Stretz Kindergarten
Janice Sykes High School English
Amy Terranova 1st Grade
Katy Tomlin 6th Grade
Laura Tucker 1st Grade

Amy Tupa
(Sub: Alex Bostelman)

Middle School Social Science

Kristen Whitney Middle School Math

Mary Widtmann 5th Grade
Candice Woods HS/MS Electives: ASB, Tech, CTE
Audrey Woolfolk 5th Grade
Michelle Zeman 3rd Grade

Cloud Campus Club:


Club Meet days & times:

Zoom ID Number:

Cloud Culinary Club


2:15-3:00 PM

914 8462 3579

Cloud Campus News
(View video)


12:10-12:55 PM

506 091 3860

Drama Club
(View video)


2:05-2:50 PM

753 338 2408

Line Dancing
(View video)
(no experience necessary)


12:10-12:55 PM

972 317 2217

Stock Market Club



387 023 4543

Art Club


2:00 PM

977 7487 4721

Book Club


2:00 PM

979 094 8960

Ukulele Club


2:00 PM

935 8818 9198

Fitness Club


12:15-1:00 PM

798 356 9711

Knitting Club


2:00-2:30 PM

980 3316 9002

Creative Writing (meets

with Cloud Campus News)


12:10-12:55 PM

506 091 3860

Surf Club
(no experience necessary)


Every other
Friday (beginning 10/16) 
3:00-3:45 PM

867 818 9174


  1. What curriculum does Cloud Campus use?

All students will be provided rigorous, high-quality instruction aligned to California State Standards and use of district-adopted curriculum

TK-6 grade: Using NMUSD adopted curriculum with instructional design strategies to make it accessible in the online environment. 

7-12 grade: Using NMUSD adopted curriculum, with Florida Virtual School curriculum providing the foundation for all courses to be A-G aligned and UC approved, specific for 100% online environment.

  1. Will Advanced Placement (AP) and International Baccalaureate (IB) classes be offered

    Very limited AP course offerings will be available. Only the most popular AP classes will be offered. International Baccalaureate (IB) courses will not be offered.
  2. Will there be specialized instruction at elementary schools (P.E, science, music, etc.)?

    It will be limited and schedules are being adjusted to coordinate with the virtual school schedule.
  3. Are specialty programs being offered via the Virtual School? 

    Very limited electives and specialty classes will be offered. 
    • Advanced Placement (AP) - Limited AP classes will be offered. Only the most popular AP classes will be offered. 
    • GATE - No formal program will be offered.
    • AVID - No formal program will be offered.
    • Honors - Honors English Language Arts and honors Math will be available to qualifying students in middle school. 
    • Dual immersion programs - Will not be offered. Students enrolled in a dual immersion program for the 2020-2021 school year can return to their dual immersion program in the 2021-2022 school year.   
    • No other honors or specialty courses will be offered.
  4. Will students who are enrolled in the Cloud Campus be able to participate in activities, clubs, and events on their home campus? (e.g. drama, sports, clubs, ASB, etc.)?

    No. This is a new school, not connected to any other NMUSD school. No in-person events, activities or clubs will be planned at this time. 
  5. Will students get a teacher from their own school?

    Classes in the virtual school will be taught by NMUSD teachers throughout the district, and may not necessarily be from the specific student’s current or home school. Virtual school teachers will have experience in the technologies used in virtual learning and will have a deep commitment to teaching, learning, and adaptability, to support the online experience. 
  6. Will students be placed in cohorts with other students from their home school?

    This is a new, separate school from other NMUSD schools and we cannot guarantee students will be placed in class with peers from their previous school, but we will do our best.
  7. What is the teacher/student ratio in Cloud Campus?

    Aligned to all other NMUSD schools as it has been in previous years.
  8. Will textbooks and physical resources be used or only technology? 

    Physical instructional materials will be provided, as needed.  
  9. Will attendance be taken?

    Yes. Attendance will be taken daily.
  10. What grading model will be used?

    Grading will be consistent with the standard NMUSD grading policy.
  11. Can I transfer back to my home school at the end of the year?

    Yes. At the conclusion of the 2020-21 school year students will have the opportunity to return to their current or home school site for 2021-2022. You will NOT lose your spot in your current school should you decide to return the following school year.
  12. Will athletics be available for students in the virtual school?

    Students who are enrolled in the Cloud Campus will not be eligible to participate in sports programs at their home school, due to CIF rules and local league bylaws.
Zero Period           8:00-8:30 AM  (A small number of electives will be offered during zero period)
First Period  8:30-9:20 AM
Second Period 9:25–10:15 AM
Third Period  10:20–11:10 AM
Fourth Period  11:15-12:05 PM
Lunch 12:05-1:00 PM
Fifth Period                                                                                    1:00–2:00 PM (Students may be scheduled for more than one 5th period elective. Most electives only meet 2-3 times per week and students are able to take more than one elective if the times do not conflict.
Sixth Period Asynchronous learning (PE classes are scheduled in the 6th-period time slot. However, PE does not meet at that time. Students can complete the PE requirements independently on their own time)
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Contact Us

Main Line: (949) 515-5350
425 E. 18th Street, Building E
 Costa Mesa, CA 92627

Attendance Line: (949) 515-6601

Dr. Michael Sciacca, Principal

Teri Lyn Schad, Elementary Asst. Principal

Julie Rahmatulla, Secondary Asst. Principal

Jennifer Hutchinson, Counselor           

Angie Young, Counselor