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2020-2021 School Reopening

School desk, hallway and work table
Virtual Learning Option Approved| JUNE 25, 2020

Dear Newport-Mesa families, 

As you know, Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) has been diligently working to determine a plan for the start of the 2020-21 school year which is set to begin on August 24. Early College High School starts August 12. 

On June 23, 2020 the NMUSD Board of Education took the following action:

  • Approve a Parent Choice - 100% Virtual Learning Option. Details of this parent option will be finalized and expected to be shared in mid-July.

    • Provides an option for parents who prefer not to send their student to a physical school setting, are concerned about potential changes during the school year due to health and government guidelines, and/or their student thrives in a virtual/distance setting

    • Reduces amount of students physically on school campuses

    • May address the need of students and staff in the high risk groups

    • Sets a foundation to continue and expand virtual learning in the district for future years

  • Direction to continue to explore alternative models to maintain social distancing per state guidance and keep students on campus as much as possible to support the instructional program and address the issue of childcare, particularly for elementary students.

  • Direction to prepare a 3-Level Plan that is adaptable for potential changing circumstances throughout the year and meets the state/county requirements for re-opening. The 3-Level Plan allows district schools to be prepared to shift between in-person, hybrid and distance learning necessitated by state, county or local orders and conditions. 

Next Steps:

The District will continue to finalize details of the Parent Choice Virtual Learning Option and the 3-Level Plan. The updated plans, alternative model(s) and other aspects of re-opening will be brought to the Board on July 14. An update to staff and parents also will be sent following this meeting. For the latest information, please visit the 2020-2021 School Reopening Webpage

Dear Newport-Mesa Community,

Aligned with guidelines from the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the Sports Medicine Advisory Committee (SMAC), which align with Orange County Healthcare Agency COVID-19 Phasing Guidelines, Newport-Mesa Unified School District (NMUSD) will be opening athletics in a modified capacity, Phase 1, beginning July 6, 2020. 

Student participation in a program is voluntary and based upon parental discretion. Any student who chooses not to participate in summer workouts will not be penalized. 

The three-phased approach outlines pre-workout/screening, limitations on gatherings, facility cleaning, physical activity/athletic equipment and hydration protocols specific to each phase. Health precautions will be in place to comply with guidance intended to prevent transmission of COVID-19, including appropriate physical distancing and wellness screenings. 

The following protocols will be implemented for all athletes/coaches:

  • All coaches/teachers will participate in an NMUSD Athletics Reopening Training, prior to bringing athletes on-campus.

  • Athletes must turn in a signed NMUSD Athletics Reopening Parent/Guardian Notification Letter prior to participation in any program. School will provide parent waivers.

  • Athletes who fail to comply with social distancing and/or face covering guidelines will not be permitted to participate.

  • Only athletes are allowed on campus and all parents/guardians must remain inside their vehicles while dropping off and picking up students.

  • All athletes/coaches will wear face coverings at all times. Athletes/coaches will be allowed to remove their masks (maintaining six-foot distancing) for short periods throughout the workout/practice to avoid overheating.

  • Athletes will be screened daily upon arrival.The screening will consist of a health survey and temperature will be taken, recorded and maintained on a monitoring form.

  • Athletes with a temperature of less than 100.40, and no other COVID-19 symptoms will be given a bright-colored, circular sticker with the date indicating their clearance to participate in the program for the day.

  • Athletes with a temperature of 100.40 or higher or symptoms of COVID-19 will be sent home and not allowed to participate in on-campus programs for 14 days or until clearance from a medical doctor is received.

  • After a temperature check and when transferring locations, students/coaches will wash their hands and/or use hand sanitizer. 

  • Waiting spots will be clearly marked on the ground for athlete use in the adjacent parking lot for pick-up procedures. 

Schools will follow-up with additional information and parent waivers.

Facility Use By Outside User (non-district) Groups

At this time NMUSD is not authorizing the use of district facilities for outside user (non-district) groups. Priority is to safely re-open district summer and athletic programs in stages as described above. However, the District is currently reviewing which facilities may be safely re-opened without impacting district programs, on-going construction projects, or summer cleaning schedules. We appreciate the understanding and patience of our community. 

During the Board Study Session on June 17, 2020 the Board of Education received an update on the planning process, recently released guidance from the state of California and feedback and input received from stakeholders regarding the re-opening of the schools, instructional models, and health and safety measures.  Input has been gathered from various sources including the Superintendent’s Advisory and multiple Focus Groups of parents, students, certificated employees, classified employees, and special education. In addition, results from the recent Thought Exchange were shared.    

Board Study Session - June 17, 2020 - Building a Comprehensive Plan to Safely Reopen NMUSD Schools in 2020-21

Please take a moment to listen to a video message from Newport-Mesa Unified School District Deputy Superintendent Mr. Russell Lee-Sung,  about how our district plans to address the challenge of reopening schools on August 24th. We know there are many important questions on everyone's mind and in order to keep our students and staff safe and to continue student learning, we will be developing a comprehensive plan. Check out the Planning Update: 2020-2021 School Year video to learn more about the structure of how we plan to do that.

Planning Update: 2020-2021 School Year Chart - English

Planning Update: 2020-2021 School Year Chart - Spanish

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